We are a team of people with a passion and a lot of experience in the promotion and popularization of electronic cigarettes, due to the fact that, from the very start, we are in the industry and have created it for you along with other leaders in this segment of the trade, the experience that we have acquired over 6 years working in the field of electronic cigarettes allows for adapting and adjusting our offer to the customer in such a way that the end customer was satisfied to the extent that they would be pleased to come back for more …

We are well aware that quality is a top priority not subject to any discussion!
Therefore, thanks to the experience we have gained, we have selected only the best raw material suppliers who offer us their best products with full documentation attached to them. The products offered by us are inspected at every stage of production, starting from the date of delivery, through the very process of creating and packaging, to shipment, the product is under constant and rigorous supervision of our quality controllers.
Our products are created by us from scratch, we develop formulas based on basic raw materials. Our strength is our team of professionals who bring talent, creativity, knowledge to their work. We pay special attention to product quality and safety of the user, who can be sure that, buying our liquid, gets a product that meets all standards.

Our product / liquid, being a composition of components derived from the European Union and the United States, is based on the product MSDS prepared in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union of 18.12.2006. (REACH).
Our packaging complies with all of the standards of safety, adequate labeling, proper security and the use of appropriate materials, everything of that provides the highest quality product.

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